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Chalk fun

At The Chalk Bloc, we believe chalk fun begins with sharing ! Whether you are creating art  by yourself or with a group of friends, your masterpiece is being shared with everyone who walks by.   Post your "Chalk Fun" ideas on social @thechalkbloc.

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Chalk Shape Inspiration

When The Chalk Bloc gave a neighbor family a box of our fun chalk shapes, we were excited to see their art.  Boy did they WOW us!

"L"  is in 8th grade and an artist at heart. Drawing on paper is a favorite pass-time but her talent is evident in  chalk too. When asked about her chalk art, she said she was inspired by the crown and heart shapes to draw the Queen of Hearts. 

Chalk Fun Tip: Use the chalk shapes to inspire your art.

The Chalk Bloc friends, "M" and "H" have hours of fun playing with their chalk shapes.  One of their favorite things to do is make "fairy dust." 

Chalk fun Activity:  Gather all your friends together to create a rainbow of fairy dust. Scrape  chalk shapes on a  rough surface until it becomes a powder.  scoop up the dust  with both hands. Either blow  or throw the dust into the air. make as many wishes as possible before the dust falls to the ground.


Fairy Dust

Bloc Hop


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Gather your friends and hop on up to the winners spot in this fun, easy game!

Needed to Play:
  • 10 colors of chalk (colors can be duplicated if you do not have 10 different colors) 

  • 4 small containers

  • Small squares or scraps of paper (10 pieces for each player)

Write each instruction below, one per piece of paper, and place in a container:


Go to  5, Go to 1, Forward 1, Forward  2, Forward 3, Back 1, Back 2, Back 3, Start over, Skip turn

How to play
  1. Draw the "game board" according to the picture above. 

  2. Each player begins next to their square 1

  3. Draw one paper at a time from their container 

  4. Do what the paper says  - the first player to the winner square wins. 

A few rules
  • If the number drawn from the container is larger than the number of squares left before entering the winner square, wait until the next turn. Example - if you are on square 8 and +3 is drawn wait until the next turn

  • After each turn, return the instruction paper to the container

Group Size variations

Bloc Hop can be adapted to any size of group by adjusting the winner shape and writing more or less cards. Example, draw a triangle and make 3 set of cards or a hexagon with 6 sets of cards.  

Whatever size group is playing, Have fun and invite others to join the game. Just sayin', Bloc Hop could become an Olympic sport some day.

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