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Be part of The Chalk Bloc community

Being part of something with purpose is a big deal! At The Chalk Bloc we asked the real question... how can we make a difference in our community with chalk? 

Chalk Fun

At The Chalk Bloc we are committed to help draw communities together using chalk. Go to our Chalk Fun page and be inspired to have fun and  spread joy!

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Give Back

Giving back to our community is important. So important that we have decided to give a portion of  each theme box purchase to organizations who are making  a difference. Go to  our Give Back page to learn about the organizations we support. 

Spread Joy

Spreading  joy is super satisfying and The Chalk Bloc is here to help. If you are looking for a little something special for an event, or neighborhood gathering, go to our Custom Chalk page for products that spread joy.

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Encourage Creativity

Creativity is a gift that is worth sharing. Each Theme box comes with an engaging story to spark the imagination. Reenact the story  or draw it on the driveway. Either way  is a great place to start.  Be sure to share the fun with us on our social channels with #thechalkbloc in the comments. 

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