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 I hope you are inspired by my story and have the courage to do what you were made to do!


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Crystal is a creative who combines creativity and life experiences to find solutions. She is always a collaborator and for the last few decades, has led many staff and volunteer teams in strategic event and project planning. Each team has helped shape and prepare her for her current role as Owner and Chief Chalkatier of The Chalk Bloc.


For years, Crystal has enjoyed designing, pouring, and popping specialty chalks in the Chalk Bloc lab (otherwise known as the garage). After hundreds of hours, she has created a proprietary recipe for unique chalk shapes that bring delight to children and adults alike. It is not unusual to see a big box of chalk alongside families from the neighborhood making chalk art on her driveway.


Raised in the Midwest, Crystal learned at an early age that not only challenging work but working as a team is essential to success. When not working, she enjoys traveling, camping and hanging out with her husband and their three fantastic adult children. Crystal also loves sweet snuggles from her pugs, Layla, and Louie.

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