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  • Includes six shells, two starfish, a turtle, a pearl and a mermaid and tail (colors may vary)
  • Perfect for small gifts, party favors, or stocking stuffers!
  • Non-toxic, allergen-free and easy to clean with reduced chalk dust


Mermaid Gift Box

  • The Chalk Bloc Chalk Features:

    Vibrant Colors

    Bright, BOLD colors that make your art pop! The Chalk Bloc chalk is just as vibrant in person as on the screen, allowing your imagination to go wild.


    Playful Shapes

    The Chalk Bloc chalk comes in a variety of fun shapes that encourage creativity and storytelling. From dinosaurs to spaceships to unicorns, you or your giftee will surely find an inspiring favorite!


    Easy Clean-up

    Sidewalk, driveway, clothes, or hands... rinses away in a flash! Our handmade sidewalk chalk produces less residue than typical chalk while still remaining vibrant and colorful.


    Non-toxic/Allergy Friendly

    All of our chalk is safe and non-toxic! Unlike other non-toxic options, our chalk can also be created without cornstarch, gluten, or other allergens on request, making it both non-toxic and allergen-free. 


    Giving Back to Communities

    Empowering women with flexible employment opportunities and supporting organizations who care for women and  children in difficult life situations are integral to The Chalk Bloc’s mission.


    Support American Small Business

    The Chalk Bloc is an American woman-owned business focused on fun, quality chalk while making the world a better place–one chalk bloc at a time!     


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